Laura Marenco


Whether you’re embarking on the initial steps of your fitness journey or you are a seasoned competitor, Laura is dedicated to meeting you at your current stage and optimizing your time and effort to help you achieve your individual goals.

Laura clientele  covers  a diverse range of individuals, from those striving to enhance their physique as well as overall health  to individuals geared up to elevate their physique to the competitive stage of bodybuilding.

Proficient in comprehensive nutrition coaching and resistance training programming, Laura brings a wealth of expertise to guide you towards your fitness aspirations.

Whether you are just getting started in your fitness journey or you are a seasoned competitor, Laura will meet you where you are in your journey and maximize your time and effort as you reach your personal goals.

She specializes in:

Approach to individualized coaching

Laura believes that every client is unique and that there is no one-size fits all approach to nutrition and exercise.

Her coaching services are all about tailoring the experience to each individual’s unique needs. She takes a deep dive into a client’s lifestyle, past diet and workout history, personal preferences, medical background, and relationship with food and dieting history.

Laura highly values open communication between herself and her clients. That’s why she actively encourages questions throughout the process. It’s not just about getting results – Laura wants her clients to learn and gain as much as possible from the program. This way, they can carry forward new skills and knowledge as they continue their fitness journey. It’s a personalized and educational approach to achieving lasting success.

offers two types of


Lifestyle Program

Designed for individuals determined to break free from the yo-yo dieting cycle and achieve a lasting, healthy physique.

This isn’t just another fleeting “diet” or a 30-day challenge; it’s a holistic approach aimed at building a fit, strong, and athletic body. The focus here is on long-term sustainability, steering away from quick fixes.


Contest Preparation

Successful contest preparation is a highly personalized journey, as each athlete’s needs and goals are unique. To lay the foundation for your competition journey, a comprehensive assessment of your physique is imperative.
This assessment will help determine the most suitable show and the optimal timing to initiate your preparation.

Laura also offers one on one posing coaching sessions for the following divisions: Figure, Bikini and Wellness