Laura Marenco

Customized Contest Preparation & Posing

Laura works with the following divisions: Figure, bikini, wellness, men’s and women’s physique.

Successful contest preparation is a highly personalized journey, as each athlete’s needs and goals are unique. To lay the foundation for your competition journey, a comprehensive assessment of your physique is imperative. This assessment will help determine the most suitable show and the optimal timing to initiate your preparation.

The Contest Prep Package Encompasses the Following:

Your journey begins with a strategic planning session. An initial in-person meeting or a virtual Zoom call is arranged to set clear goals and establish your starting point.

Our training regimen is meticulously designed to help you achieve your desired stage look. It is aligned with the criteria set by NPC/IFBB for each division, making the attainment of this look our primary objective.
Laura, with her expertise, will assess your needs and adjust the cardio schedule as required. This dynamic approach ensures the cardio routine is finely tuned to your progress.

Your nutrition plan includes an initial meal plan with macronutrient specifications, all adapted to your food preferences. A questionnaire is provided to ensure the plan aligns with your realistic food sources. Nutrition modifications are made in response to your body’s changes and your valuable feedback.

Posing is an art in itself, and we prioritize teaching you how to pose correctly to accentuate your strengths on the stage. Posing proficiency is a cornerstone of your competitive success.

Consistent monitoring of your physique’s development is essential. Laura will provide a structured format for report submissions, with the frequency increasing as the competition date approaches.

Laura tailors a peak week protocol to your specific requirements to ensure your readiness for the competition. Essential supplements that prioritize your health and well-being are also detailed.
Vital supplements that enhance your performance and overall well-being are outlined to keep you at your best. &nbsp

Throughout your journey, you will have unrestricted access to email support to address queries, concerns, or adjustments as needed.

In your quest for the perfect competition experience, we provide valuable support in selecting the ideal competition suit, shoes, and jewelry. Laura will cover all details from hair, to make up and everything in between leaving no stone unturned.

The InBody Scale is a machine that measures body composition (a person’s body fat as well as water, lean mass, overall weight, and more) via a method called bioelectrical impedance analysis.

* Inbody scan every 4 weeks (for local clients) a $150 value.

If you are participating in a local event, Laura will be present on the day of the competition, offering essential guidance and support.